“Terria” Studio and  “Alfombras Étnicas” join in order to create a capsule collection that, as the name says, revolves around contrasts. The wool´s warmth  against the cold iron, the straight lines against the curve lines, the trendiest design with the traditional artisan. 

Furniture with a unique item: the ethnic carpets, frazed with wool that has been knitted at 3000 meters high. We could create this unique pieces thanks to the beautiful carpets and the carpenter´s, blacksmith´s, upholterer´s and electrician´s work. An ode to craftsmanship in all of its facets.   

This furniture/sculpture collection integrates lightning and furniture elements in one piece, the best tandem between design and practicality.   

Armchair "Contraste"


On the southamerican plateau, at between 3000 and 5000 meters high, the sun sets with an spectacular light and a frozen wind that goes into every house. 

In order to shelter themselves form the cold, the andean famlies have been covering themselves under heavy, warm, colorful, wool frazed fabrics for as long as they can rememeber. These are what we nowadays call “alfombras étinicas” (ethnic carpets). 

Bedside table "Contraste"


Bench "Contraste"


Hall desk "Contraste"


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