No me seas Cenizo

In one of the most difficult moments we glimpse what our engine has been in recent months. In the middle of isolation, restlessness and uncertainty, this collection was born. A set of timeless, elegant and different pieces designed with care.

Gray as a central color is a reflection that everything depends on how you look at it. That appearances can be deceiving. The undervalued gray color has become the central palette of this collection, and in the end it is perfect combined with brass. Gray has never been so cheerful.

When confidence falters, it is best to remember what we are capable of. In a palace and through Goya still lifes we immortalize these lamps converted into pieces of art. For this we have exquisite brocade fabrics from the hand of Gastón and Daniela, the emblematic house of Spanish textiles. Also with pieces by Gaztelur by Marta de la Rica that have given a special flavor to our compositions.

Hope and illusion .. Twelve designs and twelve ways to say the same thing in different languages.

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