Comprehensive reform and decoration of housing

Algenib - 2021

Link with nature, light and vegetation.

A project in collaboration with @bertasanz, a landscape specialist, with whom we jointly designed the entire outdoor space.

From the beginning, our motto was to link interior spaces with nature through light, color and decorative techniques inspired by nature.

Living the garden was our starting point. A private oasis to be traveled and lived. Corners that invite you to stop along the way and stop to enjoy, a vegetation that surrounds and guides us to the heart of the house. The sound of falling water leads us to dream of "the back garden"...

The custom-designed enclosure allows the incorporation of an exterior space into the interior and we conceive it as a "micro-climate" An in-out fusion.

We designed a very special composition of luminaires with textiles that provide soft and pleasant lighting and become the main piece of this space. We use the same materials as outside in order to give continuity to the garden space.

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