Through its spheres a world of sensations, colors, textures and shapes is transmitted that envelop the viewer in its magic, expressed in a unique way.

Terria is a simple name that is at the same time extremely complex, profound, that hides a universe down there and up there... Some of the most amazing things –because of their shapes, colors or movements– in nature are ephemeral and changeable. This is partly why they are surprising and beautiful.

Lourdes Sendagorta

Lourdes Sendagorta is a performing artist with a great passion for storytelling. Hence, he specialized in Performing Arts at the “Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.”

In his paintings he mixes materials and usually introduces some element of relief. In many, it adds lights that light up in the frame itself.

His scenic art studies allow him to "experience that there are no limits, because every detail, every finish can be generated or simulated to obtain the desired dramatic or decorative effect."

Janet Sendagorta

Janet Sendagorta is responsible for channeling Terria's creative flow into the needs, deadlines, peculiarities, etc. of customers.

As an expert in marketing, she also works intensively on the commercial development of the various collections of furniture and objects. Working at the Estée Lauder Group, she discovered that beauty is not the result of a process but the very process by which matter and materials take their final form. Taking care of every little detail to make all the phases of a productive or creative process their own is what truly gives value to the works.

Lourdes of the Rich

Mother of the two and key and fundamental piece for Terria.

A figure that links, supervises and stands between the two sisters. The assemblies of the lamps are your responsibility and there is no design that you cannot assemble.

Tools are his passion, the drill and sander his fellow travelers, and the guilds his loyal friends. His spirit spreads energy and makes everything go ahead.