Comprehensive reform project

Teles House - 2018

Flavor, tradition and tradition.

Three ideas that have shaped the reform project of this small eating house founded in 1991 by a married couple with a passion for cooking.

«Rehabilitation always implies establishing a certain relationship with the past, with the pasts that accumulate in the space of the intervention. And also with the future, that imagined idea of ​​a place towards which we would like to tend. But it implies, above all, a great capacity to work with the present. Erase or draw: eliminate, clean, repair, rebuild, replace, incorporate, add… Successive discoveries continually require diverse and complementary responses. The relationships between old and new spaces, between old and new materials, between old and new geometries, between the workers who one day erected the walls and those who now build them, are being woven, often in real time. they remake Endless overlapping of time, desires, trades, materials, strategies, people The project naturally shows the overlapping of old and new layers, responding to the state of conservation of each element and the future use of each space. A system capable of harmoniously integrating the stories of each fragment of the process into a whole.”

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