No me seas Cenizo

This collection is an ode to the memories we make and where they happened…

20 km from the border is Biarritz, a French town that has stood still in time. Its gentrified homes contrast with the relaxed and bohemian atmosphere of its inhabitants. A “petit Paris” in the sea.

Summers there are an important part of our childhood.

Going to the park with the cousins ​​and with Toñi, the Nutella crêpes, the katiuscas and the yellow raincoats, the beach with a sweater, wetsuits, a walk around the Virgen de la Roca...

Now our children spend the summers there with their cousins ​​and we are excited to see how history repeats itself.

Lamps with round handmade ceramic bases that contrast with cylindrical 100% linen lampshades with a striped design that remind us of the famous "booths" of the Grande Plage.

Discover the secrets of Biarritz with us