What do the colors taste like?
The collection that transports you to those exotic places where the flavors are vibrant.

Sweet paprika from La Vera

Its aroma is reminiscent of the countryside, firewood and tradition. Finely ground, it has an intense and balanced flavor



A nice lamp where there are. It bathes the surface where it is located with color in a very pleasant way and without dazzling. An object-lamp that brightens up any space.


It is the spice that, almost secretly, gives curry its color. Full of antioxidants is an option
healthy to artificial colors.


A hemisphere that springs from the wall and seeks to surprise. Made of lacquered iron sheet, it provides a halo of colored light, creating a different and cozy atmosphere.


A vibrant flavor. It is as if nature had created this tuber to delight and surprise us. It is the most visual spice and when it arrives, it makes itself felt.


A touch of protagonist color. In this piece, a ball appears and creates the perfect contrast with the lacquered iron sheet. Perfect for getting ambient light.

sesame and salt

Black sesame transports us to the East. Elegant and distinctive aroma. Combined with the most delicate salt from the marshes, fleur de sel, they create a perfect pairing for the final touch.


Its aroma is reminiscent of the tropics, "food of the gods" the Greeks said. Pervasive, unique, complex. Bitter flavor marries sweet and salty.

cane sugar

Half white. Ecological. Crystallized without caramelizing, it subtly maintains the aroma of the cane without dominating it. Accompany without overwhelming.