interior design project

Slope of the Hill - 2019

“You are everything you imagine yourself to be” This was our premise when we were asked to decorate these children's rooms. Make them dream while each one is different and develop their facets. Color and paper create mini universes and transport you to other places. A cheerful and fun space to grow.

A playhouse for a boxer girl with a weakness for pink. The combination is perfect. The Iroco lamp, the wicker headboard provide original notes. But if you add the paper inspired by the Majorcan coast where she spends the summer barefoot, it's already the bomb.

White is the perfect canvas for splashing blue in this bedroom with the air of a stateroom. Luminaires that create pleasant atmospheres, and a book, is all that is needed to immerse yourself in your imagination.

The prints contrast with the stripes and the blues and grays with the reds. This guest room reflects the personality of its owners. The Victorian air merges with the simple forms of the room's structure. Elegance is breathed in the result.

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