Housing reform and interior design project

Ivy - 2022

My house. For me, the most fun project so far.

Our initial idea was to create a neutral canvas on which to paint with different elements.

Glazed tile, striped mortar texture and neutral porcelain are repeated throughout the house with different quarterings on walls and floors.

After living three years in Colombia, our house was bathed in memories of that time. A palenquera from Cartagena de Indias observes the room. I met artisans of all kinds who opened up a world of infinite possibilities. The sideboard made with recovered wood that I later painted yellow. The removable stool created on a lathe with perfect curves (Ceci Arango) FURNITURE | Ceci Arango , the baskets of vibrant colors that brighten the descent of the stairs...

The connection of the spaces was also an important element when considering the project. The living room connects with the garden, the kitchen with the living room, the bathroom with the bedroom and the staircase with the sky... Really designed to live the house as we wanted.

A microcement arch that inspired our Jalisco collection crowns the dining room space and it is not known if it is a painting, or a closet or both.

In the kitchen, an uneven bar made of fine microcement centered on the space. I like to cook for friends while they have a little wine or accompany the girls to breakfast in the morning. We design many luminaires designed for each corner.

Mixing elements is how I really feel at home. For me, the value of things is what one really gives them. A palm lamp, grandfather's trumpet or the chess we bought at that market coexist with the designer lamp or chandeliers by an artist from Paris. And above all I like to participate in the compositions by painting an object such as the chairs, the girls' bench or their nightstand.

The chimney pipe runs through our room without any complex. Own design elements such as the headboard or the bathroom island are mixed with works by Pils Ferrer, Anton Aiguabella or Moroccan mirrors.

It amuses me to change the usefulness of things or to recover objects that others have despised. We reuse the window bars as latticework in the bedroom.

As an anecdote I always tell that the armchairs that we upholstered in boucle fabric were found by my mother next to a container and she put them in the car. A great visionary, they have turned out to be the most comfortable armchairs I have ever sat in and according to the upholsterer "with springs, a jewel of those that are no longer manufactured".

"My house. Our oasis where I can play composing and where anything goes.”