Market on Isla Bonita - 2017

Presentation to the Contest for the remodeling of the Central Market in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Design that is characterized by referring to the exoticism of the island, combined with the influences of Mexican and Cuban culture. Our mission has been to convert a 1600m2 space into a restaurant market with 42 stalls and several consumption areas.

The interior design and the choice of decorative elements try to convey a special freshness, with a cheerful and fun air. A space that surrounds you, cozy and full of fantasy elements that come together with the strength of the native vegetation. The stall area is characterized by the strawberry color, very striking on the walls and that reminds us of Mexican haciendas. A classic and simple design of stalls that allows the content of each restaurateur to be given prominence.

The main objective of the consumption areas is to create an oasis with a certain air of madness that will make you feel in another place and travel to unexpected places.

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