Las Palmas Market - 2017

The sea was an element that united the Canarian and Cuban cultures due to the migratory movements between these areas. Hence they have so much in common. In Terria we wanted to reflect these colonial influences in the Mercado de las Palmas.

The facade of the building is inspired by the colonial architecture of the s. XVIII and the lattice of the garden areas is the classic Treillage, so used in the colonies. The exotic vegetation is a key element to give it a very pleasant outdoor feeling in this temperate climate of the islands.

Some noble elements give the space a palatial air, such as the aged mirrors, the large stairs, the black and white checkerboard floor. Other natural elements such as wicker lamps and abundant vegetation make it fresh and exotic.

This project was designed in conjunction with Inés Albízuri, from AH! Study and the design of the facade collaborated with the architect Jorge Escribano.

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