The importance of light in a space is paramount.
The light to see, the light to look or the light to contemplate.
The light to admire what surrounds us.

Perfectly imperfect

MIRA 2.0 is a collection of handmade pieces manufactured in our workshop one by one.

We are excited to see how some finishes are alive and taking tone over time.

They are available in 3 finishes: Raw brass, blued brass and steel finish.


The bluing technique is ancient; it achieves a blackish patina on some metals through an oxidation process. Its appearance is reminiscent of the color of the plumage of peacocks and hence the name. In our workshop we blue the brass, which acquires a beautiful blackish appearance.


The light provided by these pieces is exceptional, with a high quality and efficient lighting system.

The pairing is perfect: A handcrafted piece that illuminates precisely.

All bulbs used in this collection are dimmable . This is perfect for being able to adapt the light to your needs and lower its intensity when you want greater visual comfort.

Color Rendering Index

The Color Reproduction Index measures the quality and quantity of colors perceived.
With the CRI of these luminaires you can see bright colors, very red reds, whiter whites and the number of colors will be much greater.

SNAP system

For professionals or a very specific use, these luminaires also allow the Snap System to be used if required.

It consists of a system of filters with magnets that can adapt the lamp to your needs (changing opening angles, temperature, oval or square framing,… )

Contact us if you want more details.

9 models. One for each activity.

We believe that each type of activity has specific light needs. MIRA 2.0 , a collection of simple lines designed to accompany you throughout the day and night.


Specific or longitudinal tables and work surfaces.


Longitudinal tables.


Support on desks and work tables.


Accent lighting suspended from the ceiling or placed on the wall as a wall lamp.


Accent lighting suspended from the ceiling, perfect for reading.


Lighting of exhibition or sales spaces. Possibility of adapting to a universal rail.

behold XL

Accent lighting. Paintings, sculptures and product exhibitions.


Support lighting for visual tasks.


Lighting of exhibition or sales spaces. Fits a universal rail.