Scrabble Rug


This rug has been designed by Lourdes Sendagorta for Kilombo Home.

This piece together with the "Mikado" rug is part of the "The Game" collection. They are two complementary pieces so that you can put them in your living room and dining room or in two other rooms that you want but that speak to each other without competing with each other.

We have designed this rug in a square shape but you can make it in a rectangular shape.

Vegetable rug hand-woven in India composed of jute. The fabric is firm, resistant, tight and does not itch when you step on it.

The thickness of the mat is approximately 6mm.

Jute is known as the "golden fiber" because of its color. It is an environmentally friendly fiber because it practically does not require pesticides or fertilizers since it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. One hectare of jute consumes 15 tons of carbon dioxide and generates 11 tons of oxygen.

Free shipping for deliveries in the Peninsula, other destinations please contact us.
Delivery time 2 months.



Materiales y mantenimiento

El yute es una fibra natural renovable que combina brillo y suavidad.

Recomendamos aspirar regularmente (sin el accesorio de cepillo) para evitar que la suciedad penetre en las fibras.

Si cae una mancha, presionar sobre la misma con papel absorbente. Repetir esta operación hasta que el papel salga totalmente seco. No frotar (evitar extender la mancha).

No usar agua en exceso ni limpiadores, ya que podrían dañar la alfombra.

En caso de manchas severas, contactar con un profesional con experiencia en la limpieza de alfombras de fibras naturales.

Se recomienda limpieza profesional periódicamente

Al tratarse de una alfombra tejida a mano, puede haber pequeñas imperfecciones y fibras sueltas, no tirar, recortar con una tijera.